24 February 2011


memories can be painful. reminiscing to a time where you were once really happy. where you felt like you were about to explode from being so full of happiness. you didn't know that one day you would wish that you didn't take it for granted. but that's all they are, just imprints in our brain of what used to be. you cant change them and no matter how hard you try, if they really matter that much to you, you cant forget them. don't beat yourself up about it because whats done is done. the only thing you can really do is move on from it. memories can also be good for you. you now know that its possible to be that happy and maybe one day you can get that happiness back. so just keep making memories that matter so that when its all over you can remember the good times instead of looking back on how sad you were crying over what used to be.


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