17 December 2012


its been a while, haven't post anything on my blog.. nak update banyak benda. but i don't have time to do so.. everything is kelam kabut this few months. i don't know why. kerja office banyak sgt and i have to do it alone, as usual. thinking to hire permanent staff.. blh jadi gila kalau lama-lama macam ni. and college is one thing. assignments, quizzes, presentations, exams.. urghh! was thinking to change to part-time.. less hectic maybe. tapi tengok la mcm mana.. ok enough about that.. this coming semester break nak enjoy puas-puas :P 

anddd new year is approaching.. I'm a bit excited to welcome 2013 as 2012 didn't treat me so well.. so I hope that in 2013 everything will be better Insyaallah.. no new resolution this time, yang tahun lepas-lepas pun dah kelaut semuanya. hehe. I'm turning 28 next year.. oh tuanya saya.. didn't notice since when I'm losing my hair, since when i have wrinkle around my eyes, since when i put on weight :( now that I'm getting older, mama said i need to take extra precautions.. and my lecturer said the older you are, the higher your maintenance.. hehe. yes i agree with that. but the problem is i don't feel old. haha.. 

ok la.. need to finish my case study.. will find more time to write.. 

in love and light.. XX

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