21 July 2012

miss you~

today is ramadhan again
today has been 10 months
but it only seems like yesterday
that you left me.

i made the promise not to leave you 
and to stay by your side.

i was just tired 
i need to close my eyes
i went to take a nap because the days just passed
i only slept a bit so i could stay at your side

when the call came to get back there
i came as fast as i could 
only to find that you had left me
to this day i regret that i left your side
because, i promised that i wouldn't leave your side.

i didn't get to say goodbye
but i did tell you i love you before i left
i miss you and i need you
i know i have to let you go 
so you could rest in peace

you're in a better place
sitting next to lord 
where you once said 
you were ready to take your place 
next to the lord in heavenly grace

you said "miss me but let me go for i have fulfilled my journey here on earth"
lord is taking you to start a new journey. 

i think of you everyday
its so hard not to cry 
i know i will be okay
because i feel you near by

rest in peace for i will see you soon
God bless me with a grandfather like you..
i miss you.. 

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