11 June 2012

post holiday and many more..

hello everyone. im back in the office after a longggg holiday. suffering from post holiday syndrome. hehe. the vacation was awesome. glad that my whole family enjoyed it. redang weather mostly cooperated :D providing us with cool mornings and warn sunny afternoon to enjoy. we filled every precious day with fun and quality time together. almost paradise. :) will upload the picture later. sekarang malas nk pilih :P 

one thing i hate about my vacation ialah i put on weight and pimples berlumba-lumba nak keluar.  

pimples all over my face.. 

ehemm.. org tu x pergi vacation pun double chin cane. 
dia mokmok sebab addicted to arabic food. hari-hari tau nak makan! marah btl ni. org nak makan yong tau foo dah sebln mengidam tak bawak-bawak. kalau dia tu siap suruh belajar buat hummus lg @_@ (nnt i belajar k syg.. beli ready made heinz. haha!) 

and one more thing yang i marah dekat ayman is his shopping addiction. he spend on things that he never use. he just bought a new phone and now nak tukar phone lagi. how can i get him to stop!

baby pun sampai mengantuk tunggu dia shopping. 
semua dia punya

we? empty hand :( 
what should i do now.. i've googled tips to stop his shopping habit. there is thousand ways. tapi kalau dia sendiri tak nak try macam mana. kalau cakap dengan dia kena marah balik. anyone facing the same problem? need help! hope he read this post dan insaf n sedar untuk berubah. huhu.

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  1. jealous coz dia tak shopping untuk u ke? hehe