18 March 2012

in the mood for love..

*not going to talk about wong kar wai's in the mood for love film*

hello beautiful people.. how are you. I've been so busy lately. no time to update my blog. my life has been turned upside down, thanks to all the assignments, datelines. *thanks but no thanks!* sometimes i feel like i want to quit my study :( malas btl! kerja sangat banyak! alangkah bestnya jadi undergraduate student. degree sgt senang n sgt enjoy. plus kerja kat office time ni la nak bertimbun2! i have no time to go lepak2. time for my boyfriend pun sgt limited. poor him. tapi padan muka. sibuk sgt suruh i further study. 

talking about him.. he's been super nice lately. tak tau la kenapa. bagi pocket money every time jumpa, siap bagi atm card lagi! tak pernah2 ok.. talking about marriage. marriage?? :D (yes we are ready! tapi.. :( financial je blm ready) and that day tiba2 tanya brand cincin yg i nak. org kata kalau tiba2 jadi baik ni maybe he's hiding something. OMG! NO! or may he is in the mood for love. maybe. nak tanya sendiri why he's acting so weird, takut plk. huhu. dah la tu skrg ni tak gaduh langsung. x best plk x thrill. hehe. tak pa la. layan kan aje. bagus jugak kan :P tapi he keeps complaining about my weight! ish benci! but the truth is me also menyampah with my body now. have u ever feel looking in the mirror and then you feel so uncomfortable with your body? thats how i feel now :( I'm 50kg! need to lose another 5kg. jeans pun semua dah x muat! tapi skrg asik lapar je. don't know why. malam2 pun rasa nak makan nasi. cane la nak kurus. haih. and petang2 pulak hujan. cannot do outdoor activity. i guess i have to go to the gym balik la. poor me. tsk..tsk..

ok la enough of the mumbling. need to prepare for my presentation next week. *sigh* happy sunday people. in love and light. XX 

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