07 September 2011

she's all mine

Alhamdulillah. the long awaited day finally arrives. after more than two years now she's officially ours. Nur Izzati Syuhadah Binti Abdul Hakimi is the name given :) we are so happy.. no more worries, no more doubt. she is the best gift i've ever had..

I have a little girl,
Izzati is her name,
It’s hard to believe, because we don't look the same.
Joy is what she brings me everyday,
I could not imagine life any other way.
Each day she learns something new,
Where she got her smarts, I have no clue.
It has been two years since she came to me,
Her growing up so fast is all I see.
I never knew my love for someone could be so strong,
My angel showed me I was so wrong.
Even though there are times she is bad,
If I had to live without her, I'd be sad.
There is a reason she was brought into my life,
If I had to do it over again, I wouldn't think twice.
Izzati, I love you with all my heart,
I hope nothing in life will ever tear us apart!

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